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Pilates for Dancers

January Intensive
Limited spots available
Mon, Wed, Fri @ 10:15am
9th Jan ­ 27th Jan 2017

Eat Play Thrive is an upscale boutique fitness studio delivering body­-changing, high intensity workouts in small classes, bringing together the energy, motivation and contagious culture of awesome group exercise with the personal attention and education of one­-on-­one training

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School Holidays are Boring!

Play dates... tick Indoor activity centres... tick A day with the grandparents... tick What if I was to tell you that... there was a place that you can send your kids for a day of these school holidays where they will get a life changing experience that will have them...

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A little bit of perspective…

I have a confession to make... I ate this last week. In fact, I wolfed it down. And I loved every guilt free bite. The smell. The taste. OMG! For the past few years, our family has been on a nutrition roller coaster. Everything we thought we knew about the science of...

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I’ve been called lots of things, but never this…

Last week I was proudly demonstrating and explaining a brand new Pilates exercise that I had come up with. Amanda, a Pilates client who is very bubbly and charismatic, blurted out "Joe, you are a Fitness Nerd." During my mid-teenage years I had always considered...

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