Are you sick and tired of making the same New Years Resolutions each year only to find yourself in a similar situation in regards to your health, fitness and weight at the end of each year?Woman grocery shopping at local market

  • Would you like to end 2017 kicking some massive personal goals?
  • Is boosting your energy levels, optimising your health and reducing your weight something you’d like to achieve?
Well here’s your opportunity to finish 2017 with a bang and make sure you nail some of those resolutions that you started 2017 with.
The Eat Play Thrive Low Carb Challenge is designed to boost your energy levels, optimise your health and reduce your weight. It is all about seeing some remarkable results within a 6-week period but also about establishing habits around your lifestyle that will stick in the long term.

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This amazingly successful 6-week program is only $97. It is guaranteed to have you in fabulous shape come Christmas and incorporates a number of very special things:
  1. Step-by-step guide to establishing and maintaining a real food low carb healthy fat lifestyle
  2. Guidelines on how to effectively and safely incorporate fasting to maximise your results
  3. Hand holding! Online and offline support (4 workshops / meetups over the 6 week period) Further details outlined below
  4. Tools: recipes galore, meal plans and quick reference guides
  5. Bonus: Expert exercise guidelines to enhance your results

So how does the low carb challenge work?

The Low Carb Challenge is headed up by Vicky Kuriel. Vicky is a leading LCHF dietitian and has all the experience, information, tools and tips to ensure you are successful in reaching your goals.
The challenge runs for a period of 6-weeks, commencing with a workshop on Sunday 29th October 6-7pm. We will then meet on a fortnightly basis ensuring everyone remains on track and has questions answered to ensure progress is consistent. This 6-week period is outlined in more detail below.
Week 1 (Sunday 29th Oct 6-7pm): “Getting started” – information and step-by-step guidelines to set you up for a flying start in week 1. Setting expectations and goals for the weeks ahead. Providing you with all the resources required to be successful from the word go
Week 3 (Sat 11th Nov 4-5pm) and Week 5 (Sunday 26th Nov 6-7pm): “Ongoing support, tips and tools” – this group will meet to ensure that you remain focused and on track for the 6 week period. Additional information will be provided so that each individuals diet can be tweaked to optimise results. Each session will be an opportunity to have your questions answered, share your success and be amongst a group of like-minded individuals all on a similar journey to optimising their health and well-being
Sunday 10th Dec 6-7pm: “Celebrating your success and maintaining the momentum”
This final meeting will be an opportunity to share one another’s success and also celebrate the 6 week journey. We plan to have a little fun at this final meeting too and ask everyone to bring along a sample of their favourite LCHF recipe for others to taste. The best dish will receive a fabulous prize and of course bragging rights!

This program is for you if:Low carb high fat frittata

  • You are ready to make better food choices and know that with the right support and information your life could be better OR
  • You have been following a LCHF lifestyle or have previously attended one of Vicky’s workshops but need a little shove in the right direction
So what are you waiting for?
This is an opportunity to see 2017 out with a bang. Lets do this together!

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