Have you ever wondered how optimising your health, fitness and well-being could impact your life?

Maybe you’ve dreamt of the freedom, opportunity and adventure this might bring. What would you do differently if you were healthier, lighter, fitter, stronger?

At Eat Play Thrive we know how being physically fit and optimising your health can allow you to have experiences that enrich your life. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools, support and knowledge that will allow you to THRIVE.

At Eat Play Thrive our community has been built over the past 13 years with a focus on 3 core values. These include:

Exceptional Experiences

We want to make sure that every experience you have within the Eat Play Thrive facility or with one of the Eat Play Thrive team members is an exceptional one. In addition it is our goal to assist you in optimising your health and fitness so that you can create exceptional experiences in your own life every single day.


Everything we do and say at Eat Play Thrive comes from the heart. We live and breath our own recommendations every day of our lives. We are focused on staying genuine and real in everything that we do.


We are always available for a chat, we value your feedback and comments, we strive to keep the communication lines accessible and open. Please feel free to contact us at any time, either at our facility, via the phone or send us an email.
Join one of our dynamic, inspiring Pilates Classes, challenge yourself in a Group Training Session, optimise what you put into your body with a LCHF/Paleo Nutrition consultation or workshop, feel free and invigorated after a Chiropractic adjustment or loosen up your muscles with a Massage.

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“Teaching people to live a pain-free, healthier and fitter life that undoubtedly leads to being a whole lot happier”

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