Looking for something to listen to on your daily walk, in the car or even whilst doing a few household chores?

Over the years I’ve been interviewed for a number of different podcasts – below I have listed a selection of a few of the more recent ones specifically relating to low carb nutrition. Hope you enjoy!

The Run Smarter Podcast with Brodie Sharpe

Topic: Inflammatory Diets impacting your running



The You Project with Craig Harper

Interview 1: The Paleo Warrior

Interview 2: The Return of the Paleo Warrior

Interview 3: Fasting, Longevity and self experimentation


Low Carb Conversations with Leah Willamson

Healthy Eating For Families



The Australian Fitness podcast

The Australian Fitness Podcast with Russell Jarrett

Real Food Nutrition


We will endeavour to continually update this page as new material becomes available

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