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Low carb diets are not for everyone but they could be life-saving for you if:


You have always struggled with your weight


You have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes or you have been told you are insulin resistant


You suffer from high blood pressure


Your doctor has told you that you have metabolic syndrome or syndrome X


You suffer from low or constantly fluctuating energy levels


You have tried every diet around and still have not been able to optimise your health and well-being

Diets and nutrition can leave most people confused and worried

Low carb high fat or LCHF is a lifestyle approach and not a diet. This approach to eating will allow you to discover just how tasty real whole foods can actually be. You’ll be amazed at how satisfied you’ll feel.

Unfortunately over the past 50 years we have been bombarded with information regarding nutrition that quiet simply has not served as very well.

There is an easier way. It is possible to feel energetic, happy and completely satisfied everyday. And the best part is that it is extremely easy to sustain an LCHF lifestyle

You’ve come to the right place!

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and that there are options to put you in the driving seat.

I know this because I’ve seen hundreds of people over the years who’ve been exactly where you are right now

You are not doomed to a  lifetime of poor health. There is another way.

By simply learning what to eat for your degree of insulin resistance you can flick the switch and live a lifetime of optimal health

In essence, this means that you are in control.

This is the perfect time for you to focus on YOU.

Take control today

Vicky Kuriel

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I help people effortlessly alter their nutrition while still enjoying foods they love.

And I promise I’m not talking about celery sticks and dry wholemeal crackers.

What I’m talking about is real food that is tasty and delicious and often even referred to as indulgent.

This food will not make you feel like you are on a ‘diet’ but it will take your health to a whole new level

Learn how various foods impact your blood sugars (we all respond differently to the food we eat)


Discover delicious foods that assist you in optimising your health

Feel energised enough to incorporate movement into your life that feels good

People who have completed the 6 week Challenge learn that…


Real food that optimises your health should always be tasty and delicious and should never leave you feeling hungry


Counting calories is not required


Weighing and measuring food is not a long-term strategy for managing your weight or your health


A healthy lifestyle plan should never leave you feeling deprived or force you to deny yourself

Managing your health doesn’t have to be miserable.

It starts with having the right information and then putting it into practice and I’ll show you how.

As a qualified dietitian (personal trainer and pilates instructor) with 20 years experience, I’ve supported hundreds of people regain health and optimise their lives. I know you can too.

It is within your power to be healthy and happy – for good.

How others are benefiting

I have found the 6 week low carb challenge to be most effective and love that it’s based on eating real wholesome foods that are self prepared using fresh, healthy ingredients that are nourishing for the body. This coupled with the exercise component has meant that I’ve been able to achieve my health & fitness goals in a natural, gradual process leaving me feeling accomplished.


I have been so impressed by this program. Information came at regular intervals so you never became overwhelmed and it is all based on science. The information was also delivered in such a way that helped me become focused, which I wasn’t prior and committed. I really did not want to deviate from it at all and within an hour of finishing I signed up for the next challenge. The best part was I ate real food and it honestly felt so indulgent. I never felt hungry and the weight is steadily coming off.


I found the challenge really manageable and interesting and as a result my dietary habits have changed and am feeling lighter, healthier and happier. Loved the fact that aside from fasting days I was not contending with hunger? Am continuing to implement what I have learnt going forward!!


I have been doing the low carb challenge for about a year, so 4 sets of 6 weeks and maintained the lessons learnt on and off throughout. 30 kgs lost over the period has given me new levels of energy, agility and general happier state of mind. Easy to follow and a good lifestyle change. Highly recommend giving it a shot, it’s a life changer.


What an amazing 6 weeks ! I lost 9.5kg and am feeling amazing. Each week I was supported through an online community full of other like minded Low Carb High Fat lifestyle followers. I have signed up for the next challenge in October, and am confident I have the tools to continue on solo. Thanks Vicky and Joe for your guidance and program that works !


I highly recommend participating in the 6 week challenge at Eat Play and Thrive. The information and challenge provide an excellent opportunity to experience improved health and well-being by eating nutritional meals prepared from real food.


One-on-one Consultations with Vicky

Available by appointment

All appointments are conducted online via video conferencing software.

Nutrition follow-up Consultation

  • An opportunity to check-in and make adjustments according to how you are progressing

Nutrition follow-up Consultation (short)

  • A shorter ‘check-in’ appointment ensuring you remain on track

We have just completed our 4th challenge with Easy Low Carb Living and look forward to the next one which starts at the end of October. Through this programme LCHF has become a way of life.With each challenge we learn more from listening to the wise words of Vicky and Joey. Being a part of like-minded people is encouraging and a wonderful way to share achievements, problems and delicious recipes. We are in our late 60’s and still have endless energy to participate in daily varied activities. JERF as Vicky says – Just Eat Real Food!


I really enjoyed the 6 Week Low Carb Challenge at Eat Play Thrive. I learnt more useful and applicable information about nutrition from Vicky than I did in 6 years of Medicine. This has changed the way I live my life and I feel much better for it. Now I encourage my patients with Lung and Sleep disorders to do this 6 Week Challenge and adopt a Low Carb Lifestyle. It’s good medicine and patients benefit from the weight loss, reduction in inflammation and improvement in energy and sleep, just as I have. 


After struggling with focus and strategy I joined the Low Carb Challenge. After completing the challenge I now follow the learnings every day and have had so many people comment on my new attitude to life and my new improved body. Thank you Vicki and Joe 


The science behind this program and new way of eating makes this a no-brainer. It’s the best thing I’ve signed up to in a long time, thanks Vicky & Joe! The results I’ve experienced over the last 6 weeks covers every aspect of mental, physical and emotional well being. Highly recommend. 


The 6 week challenge is a great way of learning about a healthy lifestyle – including exercise, food choices and all the elements which make up a happy, healthy person. I highly recommend the program as a way of learning and implementing the changes required for a healthier you. Vicky, you have a great program and I wish you and Joe all the bestwith future challenges


Are you ready to invest in YOU?

After years of consulting in various settings, I know that the key to long term health is having a reliable support system in place to help you consistently make the right choices. Regular consultations allow you to have someone to be accountable too, a helping hand to help you figure out how to stick with the plan even when the going gets tough.

You could continue to search through Dr google and spend hours filtering through mounds of information trying to figure out what will work for you (and what to really believe) or you can have an expert at your side, someone who has already sorted through all the information and packaged it in a way that is easy to understand and quickly accessible.

You could continue to eat what you’ve always eaten and make peace with the fact that ultimately you will spend thousands of dollars on medication and doctors visits dealing with long-term complications (not to mention the time and emotional stress associated with this) or you can learn how to effortlessly manage your blood sugar whilst eating delicious food.

The choice is yours.

I’d love to work with you if:


Your health is your number 1 priority.


You are willing to take the time to make better food choices


You need support in making changes and then sticking to them i.e. someone to ensure that you stay in track


You are willing to accept that everyone is different and a degree of trial and error is part of the process


You are sick and tired of stock standard ‘healthy eating guidelines’ that don’t appear to be optimising your health (and potentially have contributed to the situation you now find yourself in)


You are able to come into my rooms in Malvern East or have access to Skype for your consultations

We are not the right fit if:


Your health is not a priority for you


You are not willing to shop and cook and take the time to prepare your own meals


You don’t see the value in seeking out expert advise and assistance


You are vegan and unwilling to introduce animal products (even just fish and eggs) to your diet

You are here because you are motivated to make better food choices because deep down you know that with the right support and the right information your life could be better.

“Are you ready to take control of your health and weight?

Join the next 6 week Low Carb Challenge

*Vicky’s nutrition services are not claimable via private health insurance nor via medicare

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