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Low carb diets are not for everyone but they could be life-saving for you if:


You have always struggled with your weight


You have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes or you have been told you are insulin resistant


You suffer from high blood pressure


Your doctor has told you that you have metabolic syndrome or syndrome X


You suffer from low or constantly fluctuating energy levels


You have tried every diet around and still have not been able to optimise your health and well-being

Diets and nutrition can leave most people confused and worried

Low carb high fat or LCHF is a lifestyle approach and not a diet. This approach to eating will allow you to discover just how tasty real whole foods can actually be. You’ll be amazed at how satisfied you’ll feel.

Unfortunately over the past 50 years we have been bombarded with information regarding nutrition that quiet simply has not served as very well.

There is an easier way. It is possible to feel energetic, happy and completely satisfied everyday. And the best part is that it is extremely easy to sustain an LCHF lifestyle

You’ve come to the right place!

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and that there are options to put you in the driving seat.

I know this because I’ve seen hundreds of people over the years who’ve been exactly where you are right now

You are not doomed to a  lifetime of poor health. There is another way.

By simply learning what to eat for your degree of insulin resistance you can flick the switch and live a lifetime of optimal health

In essence, this means that you are in control.

This is the perfect time for you to focus on YOU.

Take control today

Vicky Kuriel

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I help people effortlessly alter their nutrition while still enjoying foods they love.

And I promise I’m not talking about celery sticks and dry wholemeal crackers.

What I’m talking about is real food that is tasty and delicious and often even referred to as indulgent.

This food will not make you feel like you are on a ‘diet’ but it will take your health to a whole new level

Learn how various foods impact your blood sugars (we all respond differently to the food we eat)


Discover delicious foods that assist you in optimising your health

Feel energised enough to incorporate movement into your life that feels good

People who work with me learn that:


Real food that optimises your health should always be tasty and delicious and should never leave you feeling hungry


Counting calories is not required


Weighing and measuring food is not a long-term strategy for managing your weight or your health


A healthy lifestyle plan should never leave you feeling deprived or force you to deny yourself

Managing your health doesn’t have to be miserable.

It starts with having the right information and then putting it into practice and I’ll show you how.

As a qualified dietitian (personal trainer and pilates instructor) with 20 years experience, I’ve supported hundreds of people regain health and optimise their lives. I know you can too.

It is within your power to be healthy and happy – for good.

How others are benefiting


What is the reason your sort out Vicky’s nutrition services?

I had exactly as many reasons as all the different attempts/techniques I had tried to lose weight. Two friends’ incredible weight loss on LCHF had me intrigued. I did some online research, but was truly lost on where to start. I needed help – finally I made an appointment – thank god!

What was it like to work with Vicky?

Walking into the premises, I did feel quite self conscious. I was welcomed and told to take a seat. Ladies came out of a Pilates class looking strangely refreshed and sweaty all at the same time! Vicky then came to get me, showed me to her consulting room and thankfully I didn’t feel intimidated. Vicky was so easy to talk to and terrific at explaining using diagrams and charts. She gave practical advice on how and when to start my ‘diet’. I think most importantly, she acknowledged my fears!

What have the outcomes/benefits been since making changes to your lifestyle?

7KG in 12 weeks! Perhaps not as rapid as others I have read about – but it’s a miracle for me! Everything is better – sleep, mood, weight, appearance- who knows what other benefits my body has gained? I am far more active, walking 6kms twice a week, I am improving my speed AND enjoying it. Never have I lasted at any physical activity long enough before to actually see improvement!

Would you recommend Vicky to others?

Quite simply – definitely! I kind of feel for people who ask about what I do to lose weight, they reply they can’t possibly live without bread, chocolate, sugar etc. I just want them to see Vicky and have it explained. The old cliche -‘If I can do it, anyone can’ Just talk to Vicky!

Any additional comments?

I have been so down on myself for most of my life because I have always failed to lose weight. I feel quite emotional about being put on the right track – it makes sense, it’s easy and I have a positive outlook about long term weight loss……finally!

– Karen

An update on my latest health results.I had my first nutrition consultation with Vicky 11 weeks ago. I’m off all blood pressure medication and my blood pressure remains within normal limits. My liver function tests are in normal range (the better side of normal). My liver has reduced in size by 2cm and is almost fat free. I’ve lost as of today 16kg in the last 11 weeks. I’m active again walking everywhere and enjoying having my health back. Thank-you Vicky you have literally changed my life.


Officially 25kgs GONE!
121.6 – 96.3 = 25.3kgs.
23.2.15 – 07.08.15


Now 12 weeks into LCHF and whilst probably not the most diligent of followers, I have lost 8kgs and my blood results are all improving – still a long way to go but good progress. Thanks Vicky!


Hi Vicki – thanks for our consultation the other day – just wanting to let you know that I made a couple of your recipes – Shepherds Pie and the Roasted Vegetable Hummus. Both were a success, so flavoursome and delicious. The dip especially was a hit.


Here’s how it works

Change doesn’t happen overnight. When it comes to nutrition it’s not simply knowing what to do but its about actually doing it.

Getting started: 60-minute initial consultation – this is an opportunity for me to really get to know and understand you.

This includes all facets of your life from your medical history to your everyday routine, your likes and dislikes, your greatest goals and biggest challenges.

Following this we’ll cover:

  • Expectations for the first few weeks
  • Review of your 3 day diet diary (which you’ll be asked to complete prior to your consultation)
  • What foods to focus on and how to plan each meal
  • What foods generally cause issues and are therefore best avoided
  • You’ll walk away with a simple plan of action to get you started straight away

Follow-up: 30-minute follow-up – booked on an individual needs basis.

At least one follow-up consultation is generally recommended. An individual plan will be discussed with you at your initial appointment. Follow-up appointments are an opportunity to touch base and get all your questions answered (there are usually many!) We’ll review your progress and make adjustments to your action plan as required


Follow-up: 15-minute follow-ups – these are ‘check-in’ appointments

In my experience no two visits are ever the same. Answering your specific questions, providing you with the tools to continue moving forward or even helping you understand particular test results might be what occurs during this time. Typically these appointments may include discussing how to modify your favourite recipes, how to simplify grocery shopping or even how to deal with tricky situations like eating out at a friends house. Again these are booked on an individual needs basis

In addition to your consultations, you’ll get the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: Recipes:

You’ll have access to over 50 real whole food recipes that have been tried and tested. These recipes are stacked full of ideas on how to change your everyday meals/recipes that you love and that are easy, into LCHF friendly recipes that will ensure you stay on track with your goals


Bonus #2: Cheat Sheets:

Although it is my goal to give you the knowledge and tools to create meals that tick all the nutritional boxes specifically for you, we can all do with a little helping hand, especially in the initial phases. These cheat sheets will provide you with sample meal plans and associated recipes, thereby giving you practical examples of what you are aiming for. No guess work, just simple straight forward guidelines to have you preparing food that not only tastes delicious but ticks all the health boxes too.

Bonus #3: Quick reference guides:

Need to know something quickly, like if a particular food is likely to impact your blood sugars negatively or not? Well these quick reference guides have been designed to give you this type of information at your finger tips. I have found that the easier it is to access information, the easier it is to adjust your food and be successful. These guides can be stuck on your fridge or kept in your bag so that you can be confident you are making the best choices at all times.

Your investment:

Initial appointment: $280

30-minute follow-up: $140

15-minute follow-up: $70

Hi Vicky, 7 weeks on LCHF and down 9 kilos. Had lap band and sleeve surgery 10 years ago and have been a personal trainer / boxing coach for 7 years. Only now feeling like I’m learning a way of eating that works and is achievable! Feeling inspired


Vicki thanks for your help…
So my triglycerides have gone from .6 down to .4 by eating lots of saturated fats…
LDL/HDL Ration down from 2.7 to 2.1
Chol/HDL Ration down from 3.9 to 3.2
All by eating 50gms of carbs and eating heaps of saturated fats
Hba1C 5.4
and I used to be a carboholic


Just a quick note of confidence in what we’re all trying to do. I started LCHF about 10 weeks ago. I commenced for weight loss connected to my health & risk profile. Through a very busy work period, I’ve found exercise a challenge but I’m fitting a bit more in now. I’ve changed the way I eat a huge amount, yet still enjoy an occasional low carb beer or three. I feel good! And yeh, I’m now 9kg lighter too. So thanks Vicky – not only will I never stop eating like this, but I’m hooking in a few mates & family members who are noticing & getting keen too. Thanks!


I came to see Vicki to lose weight after trying lots of things. She was fantastic. I have lost weight and find myself still eating that way. I would definitely recommend her and the programme. I love that as a family we eat good healthy food together


I commenced LCHF about 5 months ago and have lost 15kg so far. Since losing this weight, I can walk up stairs without pain and without shortness of breath. My joints no longer feel like they are about to burst under the pressure of the weight. I am motivated to do more exercise. I am very motivated regarding this eating style (not diet). I have never been able to stick to a diet for more than 4 weeks. This is different. I enjoy the food and believe I can continue this for the rest of my life.


We’ve been so impressed with how delicious the LCHF meals have been so far! Thanks for putting together a great collection of such tasty recipes Vicky!


Are you ready to invest in YOU?

After years of consulting in various settings, I know that the key to long term health is having a reliable support system in place to help you consistently make the right choices. Regular consultations allow you to have someone to be accountable too, a helping hand to help you figure out how to stick with the plan even when the going gets tough.

You could continue to search through Dr google and spend hours filtering through mounds of information trying to figure out what will work for you (and what to really believe) or you can have an expert at your side, someone who has already sorted through all the information and packaged it in a way that is easy to understand and quickly accessible.

You could continue to eat what you’ve always eaten and make peace with the fact that ultimately you will spend thousands of dollars on medication and doctors visits dealing with long-term complications (not to mention the time and emotional stress associated with this) or you can learn how to effortlessly manage your blood sugar whilst eating delicious food.

The choice is yours.

I’d love to work with you if:


Your health is your number 1 priority.


You are willing to take the time to make better food choices


You need support in making changes and then sticking to them i.e. someone to ensure that you stay in track


You are willing to accept that everyone is different and a degree of trial and error is part of the process


You are sick and tired of stock standard ‘healthy eating guidelines’ that don’t appear to be optimising your health (and potentially have contributed to the situation you now find yourself in)


You are able to come into my rooms in Malvern East or have access to Skype for your consultations

We are not the right fit if:


Your health is not a priority for you


You are not willing to shop and cook and take the time to prepare your own meals


You don’t see the value in seeking out expert advise and assistance


You are vegan and unwilling to introduce animal products (even just fish and eggs) to your diet

You are here because you are motivated to make better food choices because deep down you know that with the right support and the right information your life could be better.

So Let’s Work Together!

Click the button below to book an appointment now

*Vicky’s nutrition services are not claimable via private health insurance nor via medicare

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