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Taking Pilates and your body to a whole new level

Classic Pilates

Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone.

Pilates Bootcamp

Rigorous, calorie-burning Pilates

Pilates at Eat Play Thrive

Taking Pilates to a whole new level! Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone with Classic Pilates. Gain whole body fitness with Workout Pilates or engage in rigorous, calorie-burning Pilates Bootcamp

Eat Play Thrive Yoga Pilates Group Sessions

Classic Pilates

Classic Pilates at Eat Play Thrive will strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. This Pilates is based on the original work of Joseph Pilates but has been modernized to keep it fun, interesting and effective. Many exercises are performed slowly to activate the slow-twitch muscle fibres, leading to the long, lean, toned results you are undoubtedly seeking. With an emphasis on technique you can expect your body to feel looser and move more freely. These classes are perfect for those returning from injury or anyone who enjoys a more classical pace and style of Pilates

Eat Play Thrive Yoga Power Pilates

Workout Pilates

Workout Pilates combines fun, low-impact Pilates movements with an element of cardio and strength training that will take your workout to a whole new level. You can expect a class packed full of unique and intense exercises that help to make you stronger and leaner. This full body workout is done at a faster pace yet remains controlled and precise targeting deeper core muscles whilst still giving you a strong workout

Eat Play Thrive Yoga Private sessions

Pilates Bootcamp

Pilates Boot camp is a total-body program that ties together Pilates, cardio and strength training in a fast-paced class that is not for the faint hearted. Forty-five minutes of heart pumping, muscle quivering and total body strengthening, lengthening and toning in an inspiring, small group setting (no more than 8 people in all Pilates classes at Eat Play Thrive). Minimal rest between exercises intensifies both your workout and the results!

Getting Started with Private Sessions

Your first Private Pilates session at Eat Play Thrive will incorporate an assessment. This will enable one of our highly qualified and experienced instructors to devise an individually tailored program specifically for you. During this appointment you will also be taken through a basic session to introduce you to the Pilates method of exercise. All Pilates Private sessions are scheduled for 45-minutes. The best way to get started with Private Pilates sessions is via our Initial Assessment

Single booking: $120

Interested in Private Pilates sessions?

Private (or one-on-one) Pilates fits under our ‘Personal Training’ umbrella.
Please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Personal Training page for more detailed information

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