Are you ready to take your fitness and strength to a whole new level?
Are you brave enough to put yourself through a ZUU Class?
As Chris, Eat Play Thrive’s newest instructor says, “Anyone can do ZUU once, its the individuals who come back week after week who will really change their lives”
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What is ZUU?
ZUU is like no fitness class you’ve ever been to before!
Women love it for weight loss and toning; men love it for muscle building. Everyone loves it for the massive fitness and strength gains.
ZUU is high intensity interval training (HIIT) using primal moves – pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squating and lunging in ways that mimik animal movements.
This workout is intense and exhilarating and will challenge even the fittest and strongest. Expect to be pushed to your limits.
A 45-minute ZUU class incorporates strenuous cardio intervals, strength building and agility exercises

Chris Suttie will be running a ZUU class at 7pm on Thursday evenings at Eat Play Thrive. Click here to book your spot

Read more about Chris below

Position at Eat Play Thrive

ZUU Instructor


Level 1 ZUU Instructor

Level 2 ZUU Instructor


In October 2012, Chris started his journey with ZUU after seeing ZUU’s founder, Nathan Helberg, on the Search4Hurt program on ESPN. Since then, Chris has dedicated himself to taking his flexibility, strength, mobility, cardiovascular endurance, agility, mental resilience and power to the elite level. Having trained religiously with ZUU for the past 5 years, Chris has become one of the top ZUU exponents and trainers in the country.

Having attained the highest possible qualifications for a ZUU trainer some two years ago, Chris is very excited to bring his knowledge and his elite workrate to Eat Play Thrive, for the benefit of all those bold enough to take the first step in what will be a truly life changing experience.

Chris’ goal with each and every ZUU session is to redefine your physical and mental limits, via ZUU’s ultra-high intensity bodyweight exercises, modelled on animal movements and programmed to take your overall fitness and wellbeing to levels you never thought possible.

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