As we are nearing the official start of Winter in this great Southern land, it tends to get more challenging to be consistent with early morning training. And the one thing that gets you the best results with your exercise is consistency. In fact, that’s the “secret” ingredient to being successful at anything in life. Implement these 3 essential rules and you’ll smash (and enjoy) your next Obstacle Race.

1. Cement the deal… in a recent blog post I wrote about the importance of making the event “real” by paying your entry fee. This gives you the bigger picture to focus on. So on those cold, wet mornings when your bed feels just way too warm, you know that you have a purpose to get up and train.

2. Recruit your friends… more are better than one. Training in a group has several benefits that far outweigh the lone wolf. If it weren’t for my training buddies, I would probably do 50% less training. They are my accountability buddies, my competition, my therapists and my post-training coffee dates.

3. “I love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal (A Team)… a training program is a must have tool to keep you on track to meet your daily/weekly/monthly targets. Think of it as a “budget forecast” that businesses use to ensure they are remaining profitable. Each training session is like a cash deposit that you put in your training bank. When you get to race day, how healthy will your bank balance be? I have included my weekly training program as a guide/template.

Weekly Training Plan

Monday Am: Run-75min + Pm: Body Weight Strength-45min
Tuesday Am: Ride-2hrs
Wednesday Am: Gym weights-60min + Pm: Pilates-45min
Thursday Am: Ride-2hrs
Friday Am: Swim+push-ups-45min + Pm: Body Weight Strength-45min
Saturday Am: Ride-3hrs
Sunday Am: Run-60min

Get out there and have some fun!

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