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Feel inspired to achieve your goals and accelerate your health and fitness through Pilates classes at Eat Play Thrive. Our Pilates classes are designed to give you maximum results creating a balanced strong body in a light-hearted, social and fun environment.

Eat Play Thrive Group Training

Group Training

Our Group Training classes have been designed to accelerate your fitness, strength and confidence. Every session is fun, varied and challenging but totally scalable to your own personal ability.

Eat Play Thrive Chiropractic


At Eat Play Thrive our philosophy and focus is on lifestyle and optimising health, not simply the removal of pain. You can therefore expect to not only become symptom free but to receive advice and be guided in regards to positively changing lifestyle habits and creating new avenues for you to be ‘better than yesterday’.

Eat Play Thrive Massage


If you would like to feel better, move more freely and think more clearly, we can help! Massage at Eat Play Thrive offers an array of benefits that can enhance your qualify of life. Enjoy high quality genuine care, delivered by professionals, and aimed at optimising your health.

Eat Play Thrive Nutrition


Transform your health, accelerate and maintain weight loss and live a healthier, happier, more energetic life! We make it easy for you to live a low carb lifestyle, setting the foundation for you to be lean, happy and healthy. Our ‘Low Carb High Fat’ dietitian, Vicky Kuriel makes it easy for you to live a low carb lifestyle.

"Better than Yesterday"

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About Us

Eat Play Thrive Joe Kuriel

I am passionate about teaching people to live a pain-free, healthier and fitter life that undoubtedly leads to being a whole lot happier. – Joe Kuriel

Eat Play Thrive Vicky Kuriel

I am passionate about pretty much anything that challenges me physically as well as staying abreast of new and exciting developments in the health, nutrition and fitness industry. – Vicky Kuriel

Thriving with us!

I originally came to Eat Play Thrive looking for a more active Pilates, one that would increase my heart rate. Since coming I have increased my strength – which as a carer for my husband is extremely noticable, I’ve also improved my flexibility and general fitness. It’s great, I love it! I would recommend all people of all ages give it a go.

Sue Healy

When I was 28 years old, I was in a bad car accident. I was in a wheelchair having broken both my legs, my hip and pelvis! Since doing Pilates I have stopped taking ALL my pain killers, I can comfortably sleep on my tummy, I can touch my toes, even my digestion has improved and I can even run. I am so happy I found Pilates at Eat Play Thrive

Shellee Pollard

I’ve been with Eat Play Thrive for over 10 years now – first visiting Joe for chiropractic and then getting into the pilates session with Vicky. I’ve also utilised the nutrition services and now am undertaking Pilates Bootcamp sessions. I love it because they live what they do – I have come to believe through them that every session I undertake is an investment in both my future health and my current well-being. Its also a lot of fun.

Cally Martin

1 day ago

Early Saturday mornings at @eat_play_thrive before the 8am rush. 10x reps of each exercise on a 2 minute cycle. x10 rounds. Forget about the pull-ups and push-ups... that's lifting dead weight that's not all that functional. Jumping on the other hand is an essential element of human movement. It serves to strengthen our bones, creates more elasticity in our muscles and tendons, and conditions the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately our "modern lifestyles" promote way too much sitting and insufficient basic movement (including jumping) leading to a myriad of chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Next time you're faced with a curb to the footpath, jump up on it. Flight of stairs... hop from left to right foot. Include more explosive jumping movements in your day - unleash your "forgotten" inner child.
#eatplaythrive #betterthanyesterday #jump #plyometrics #unleashyourinnerchild
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3 days ago

Is your current exercise program boring the S#*T out of you? This is how we roll here. Tam Campbell brings a daily dose of fun to your fitness and strength sessions. ... See MoreSee Less

Moving in all directions this morning! Can you crawl? As adults who have been walking upright for a long time crawling is very challenging. My passion as a movement coach is that as we age we can ...

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Eat Play Thrive Nutrition

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