Have you ever wondered how optimising your health, fitness and well-being could impact your life?

Maybe you’ve dreamt of the freedom, opportunity and adventure this might bring. What would you do differently if you were healthier, lighter, fitter, stronger?

At Eat Play Thrive we know how being physically fit and optimising your health can allow you to have experiences that enrich your life. We are therefore dedicated to providing you with the tools, support and knowledge that will allow you to THRIVE. Join one of our dynamic, inspiring Pilates Classes, challenge yourself in a Group Training Session, optimise what you put into your body with a LCHF/Paleo Nutrition consultation or workshop, feel free and invigorated after a Chiropractic adjustment or loosen up your muscles with a Massage.

Meet the Team

Joe Kuriel

Position at Eat Play Thrive

  • Founder and Director
  • Chiropractor and Massage therapist
  • Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor


  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor in Clinical Science (Chiropractic)
  • Certificate in Sports Massage
  • Certificate 4 Personal Training
  • Certified Trainer – Kinesiology tape
Experience With 20 years experience working his passion in the health and fitness industry, Joe has a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience.
Joe’s journey towards a lifetime of vitality began at the age of 14 when his father suggested (or most likely, urged) Joe to join him at the gym every weekday morning before school. At the time, Joe was 15 kilograms overweight. Despite being fairly active in team sports and athletics, Joe’s weight had steadily crept up to the point where it was having a toll on him physically (not being as fast and agile as his peers when playing sports) and emotionally (being constantly teased and feeling insecure about his physique). After a little gentle coercion and encouragement, Joe and his father began a daily ritual that at the time seemed no more than an arduous chore to lose a few kilograms. Fast forward 22 years, and the benefits gained, lessons learned and impact on the next generation are crystal clear. As a direct result of taking those first steps, Joe’s interest in anatomy and movement were sparked. At the age of 16, Joe completed a fitness instructor course (and then subsequently courses in personal training, indoor cycling and pilates) and was given the opportunity to work his passion at his local gym. Being faced with Sports related injuries was the next light bulb moment which gave Joe the push towards a career in manual therapy (massage,
chiro, reflexology) to provide the required treatment, adequate referral and lifetime management plan to give clients the ability to live pain free and perform at their best. Continuing professional development is integral to maintaining best practice and outcomes for clients. Joe has attended numerous ongoing education courses, workshops and seminars. More recently Joe was offered the role of National Clinical Educator for Spidertech Kinesiology Tape. Over the past 2½ years Joe has run seminars, workshops and presentations to thousands of manual therapists, practitioners and medical doctors in the theories, principles and practical application of Kinesiology Tape. Joe is regarded by his clients as a health, fitness and lifestyle educator, trainer and motivator. His passion for this has expanded to the corporate world, being sought after to conduct motivational presentations in workplace wellness, posture, ergonomics, work-life balance and manual handling compliance. Living life by the saying, “If you want to be in front, act as though you are behind,” Joe practices what he preaches, inspiring and encouraging everyone that he meets to make the choice to live an active, health life.

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“Teaching people to live a pain-free, healthier and fitter life that undoubtedly leads to being a whole lot happier”

Vicky Kuriel

Position at Eat Play Thrive

  • Founder and Managing Director
  • ‘Low carb High Fat’ Dietitian
  • Pilates Instructor


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Graduate certificate in Sports Nutrition
  • Level 4 Pilates Instructor
Experience Vicky’s qualifications and experience cross the spectrum in the health, nutrition and fitness industry. She has 16 years experience in the industry, consulting, presenting, lecturing, training, instructing and writing. First and foremost she is an educator. With a unique ability to impart complex scientific jargon and information so that it is easily understood, practical and realistic to apply.
Vicky is seen as one of the pioneers of Pilates in Australia. She began instructing some 12 years ago, initially for the Victorian Police Force before joining forces with her husband, Joe and opening their own studio/clinic, Eat Play Thrive. Always abreast of new research and developments in the area of fitness, sport and nutrition, Vicky recently completed training in TRX suspension training and qualified as a kettle bell instructor. With subscriptions to various nutrition and dietetic special interest and research groups, she is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the industry. Vicky has a personal and professional interest in endurance sports. Having completed many endurance events herself she can relate to the determination and self-motivation
required to simply get to the starting line. Her knowledge and experience in the area of Sports Nutrition can ensure that should you be undertaking an endurance event you are optimally fueled and suitably prepared to perform at your best. Vicky has been contributing articles to various magazines and publications for many years – including Australian Triathlete magazine; Healthy and Heartwise; Johnson and Johnson corporate publication and the Victorian Road Runners, to name but a few. If you are looking for long-term results with a realistic, practical approach to cementing optimal fitness and nutrition habits for a life-time then Vicky has what you’re looking for.

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“Practicing what I preach; I’m passionate about pretty much anything that challenges me physically as well as staying abreast of new and exciting developments in the health, nutrition and fitness industry”

Andrew Firth

Position at Eat Play Thrive

  • Pilates Instructor


  • Diploma of professional Pilates Instruction
  • Accredited Dancesport Coach
  • Certificate of Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy
Experience With a sporting history of athletics, basketball and tennis, Andrew now dedicates himself to Dancesport and Pilates, and for this reason his focus as a teacher is on movement mechanics and body development
Andrew’s athletic background is diverse, spanning from an international career in dance through to power-based sports such as track and field, basketball and tennis. An expert in postural alignment and body mechanics, Andrew is right at home when assessing a struggling body’s weaknesses and coordinating movements to promote renewed strength, balance, and freedom. Initially trained in the Traditional Pilates Method (as first taught by Joseph Pilates himself), Andrew has years of teaching experience within varied environments and with diverse clientele. He has worked in fitness-focused studios as well as clinically-based facilities, regularly coordinating with health practitioners such as Chiropractors, Myotherapists and Physiotherapists, and yet he can also deliver gruelling workouts more akin to Personal Training – if he thinks you’re ready for it. Andrew’s passions are movement, discipline, and the philosophies that fuel success. He revels in transforming a person’s quality of life, knowing that movement is the first and most vital step to creating change of any kind. Change your movement – change your thinking – change your life.

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“I am passionate about the body and its intrinsic connection to the mind. I love discovering new ways to develop our abilities and I believe that with a disciplined mind the body can do anything you want it to – with a little perseverance along the way!”

Emma Macey

Position at Eat Play Thrive Emma is the smiling face that will welcome you on arrival at Eat Play Thrive and very often the friendly voice that will answer your telephone enquiries or reply to your emails.

Prior to immersing herself in the health and fitness industry, Emma’s adult life was filled with extensive studies in the arts and film, and a professional career in the management of research at The University of Melbourne. Although the decade she spent in these fields was undoubtedly rewarding, she began to crave a more balanced lifestyle – with a specific focus on health and fitness. In a nutshell, she knew that she needed to be spending less time on a seat and more time on her feet! Since taking her first steps into a Pilates-focused life, Emma hasn’t looked back. She attends several classes per week in addition to pursuing her other driving passion – singing – in her private time. Singing’s focus on breathing habits and body awareness further inspires Emma to take her core strength to new heights, and Pilates is the best vehicle she knows to reach that pinnacle. Currently undertaking a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, Emma is excited to be learning (and one day teaching!) Pilates. She can’t wait to help others realise their goals and then set about achieving them, just as she is doing.

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