Eat Play Thrive Joe Kuriel

Steph Lee

Position at Eat Play Thrive

  • Pilates Instructor


  • Certificate IV in Pilates (Breathe Education)


Steph developed a love for Pilates three years ago. Having a life long passion for dance, she wanted to find something similar that incorporated movement with music, but focused more on building strength and flexibility.

After attending regular classes each week, Steph started to discover the benefits of Pilates. With these changes, she developed a new energy that has kept her healthy, happy, positive, motivated and injury free after a history of lower back pain. After experiencing these benefits first hand, Steph decided she wanted to learn more about the body and what we could do further to improve, the way we move.
Studying Certificate IV with Breathe Education, Steph’s course was based on the most recent evidence and current research of biomechanics and human movement. It focused on determining each client’s needs (improving posture, correcting muscle imbalances, injury recovery or personal ambitions) then using this knowledge to develop a specific, individualised program, aiming to achieve the client’s goals.

Steph looks forward to meeting new people every day and loves working with people of all ages to help achieve their goals.

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