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Wayne Chung


  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor in Chinese Medicine
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor in Human Biology
  • RMIT Chinese Medicine External Clinical Supervisor


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has always been a part of Wayne’s life. Growing up in Hong Kong which was a British colony, a city where east meets west, conventional medicine was predominantly the primary health care. At the age of 4, Wayne developed childhood asthma due to an unresolved chronic cough. At the time, medication only suppressed the symptoms and asthma continued to occur. At that time Wayne took the advice from a family member and sought help from a TCM doctor. The treatment received together with a healthy diet and exercise regime allowed Wayne to remain asthma free throughout his teen years and into adulthood. This set up a strong foundation of belief for Wayne in Chinese Medicine and how it can play an excellent role in primary health care.

Wayne is passionate about continuing to learn and discover the ancient Chinese medical wisdom. He regularly attends seminars and participates in ongoing education courses ultimately allowing him to maintain the best practice and outcomes for clients.
With 8 years in clinical practice, Wayne has taken a special interest in treating chronic pain and injures; internal medicine; mental emotional issues and other miscellaneous ill health conditions.

Initial consultation and treatment $120
This is a 90 minute appointment that involves a comprehensive consultation which will identify the root cause of the health issue. This will be followed up with an explanation and discussion about how much Chinese medicine could benefit your current health situation. With your consent, acupuncture or other necessary treatments are then provided.

Subsequent treatment $75
This is a regular follow up acupuncture treatment which is 40 minutes in duration.

Cupping or Gua Sha $50
This stand alone treatment is excellent for stress, muscular tension and pain. This treatment is 15 minutes


Bundle Treatment $95
Acupuncture treatment with other therapies like cupping and gua sha.

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Intro offer: 5 classes for $50 (Valid 2-weeks)
  • "Discover the magic that the Eat Play Thrive community can inject into your life.
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