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The next 6-Week Low Carb Challenge commences on Sunday 23 July 2018
Registrations will open on Monday 18 June 2018
Tried every diet under the sun and frustrated by the feeling of deprivation and lack of results?
The 6-Week Low Carb Challenge will revolutionise the way you think about food.
And redefine your waistline
The Next 6-Week Low Carb Challenge Starts 6 May 2018
Is It Time For You To Flick The Switch and Take Back Control?
Have you always struggled with your weight?
Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes or have you been told you are insulin resistant?
Do you suffer from low or constantly fluctuating energy levels?
Are you always hungry and constantly thinking about food (and does this drive you mad!)?
Are you sick of eating bland, tasteless food that leaves you feeling deprived and sad?
Do you have high blood pressure or retain a large amount of fluid?
Do you have unsettled poor quality sleep that leaves you feeling exhausted and grumpy during the day?
If you answered YES to one or more of the above, the Low Carb Challenge could be life-saving for you!
The 6-week Low Carb Challenge has been designed to be easy and simple to implement. There is NO weighing and measuring of your food and definitely NO calorie counting. Our low carb approach will leave you feeling extremely satisfied with recipes that feel indulgent and taste delicious.

The program is focused on boosting your energy levels, optimising your health and reducing your weight. It is about seeing some remarkable results within a 6-week period but also about establishing sustainable habits around your lifestyle.

Diets and nutrition can leave most people feeling confused and worried. Unfortunately over the past 50 years we have been bombarded with information regarding nutrition that quiet simply has not served us very well.

What Dayna had to say:
"Since participating in the challenge I have increased energy - I'd been feeling very flat and overwhelmed with life before the challenge and now I feel much more able to take on my busy schedule. I am sleeping better - this together with the energy increase has definitely improved my mood and decreased my grumpiness towards my husband and kids. I have lost weight and have decreased bloating - I put on my pre-baby skinny jeans today and not only did they fit but they were comfy!"
You have come to the right place!
I know this because I've seen hundreds of people over the years who have been exactly where you are right now. You are not doomed to a lifetime of poor health. There is another way

The 6-Week Low Carb Challenge is an opportunity to flick the switch, for you to take back control and a perfect time for you to focus on YOU.
Vicky Kuriel
"I help people effortlessly alter their nutrition while still enjoying food they love"
And I promise I'm not talking about celery sticks and wholemeal crackers. What I'm talking about is real food that is tasty and delicious and often even referred to as indulgent. This food will not make you feel like you are on a 'diet' but it will take your health to a whole new level.
Vicky is a leading LCHF dietitian and has all the experience, information, tools and tips to ensure you are successful in reaching your goals
Managing your health and weight doesn't have to be miserable. It starts with having the right information and then putting it into practice.
The 6-Week Low Carb Challenge will show you how.
The 6-Week Low Carb Challenge is unique and unlike any program you may have done in the past.
6 Life Changing Weeks for only $97
And it includes a number of very special things:​​​​​​
Hand Holding!
During the 6-weeks you will have access to our Private Facebook Group allowing you to get support and have questions answered 24/7
Four x 1-hour information packed workshops that are designed to ensure you hit the ground running and then stay on track during the 6-week period and beyond.
Recipes Galore
You will be provided with a stack of delicious, easy quick meal ideas. All recipes are tried and tested. In addition hundreds of recipes are shared in the Private Facebook Group.
Guidelines on how to effectively and safely incorporate fasting to maximise your results and get into ketosis quickly
Quick Reference Guides
One page documents that you can refer to quickly and easily when out shopping, at home cooking or eating out. These easy to understand and user friendly guides will allow you to stay on track at all times
Success is so much about the people you surround yourself with. During the challenge the Facebook Group allows you to be a part of a unique, driven community of like-minded individuals. Keeping you accountable at all time
Meal Plan Guides
We take meal plans a step further and actually teach you how to create these for yourself ongoing. This allows you to continue your success in the long term
Body Awareness
Gain control of your hunger and appetite the low carb real food way - we'll show you how. This is truly life changing and puts you back into the drivers seat, in charge of how you steer your life.
The program for the next 6-Week Low Carb Challenge commencing on 6 May 2018 is outlined below:
Four LIVE Workshops
All workshops are broadcast LIVE to our Private Facebook Group and can be viewed from the comfort of your home. If you are unable to watch the live screening, all workshops are saved in the group and are available to watch at a later stage during the challenge. If you live in Melbourne and would like to come into our studio for these workshop that option is available to you but on a first come first serve basis.

Workshop 1: Sunday 6th May 6pm - "Getting Started"
Information and step-by-step guidelines to set you up for a flying start. Setting expectations and goals for the weeks ahead. Providing you with all the resources required so that you can be on track to be successful from the word go.
Workshop 2: Sunday 20th May 6pm - "Chewing the Fat"
Everything you need to know about fat including myths and misconceptions. You will gain information that will allow you to select the best types of fats and guidelines provided on exactly how much fat is required and how to modify this amount to reach your goals.
Workshop 3: Sunday 3rd June - "Protein and Fasting"
Protein is often a neglected topic under the keto/LCHF umbrella. During this workshop you will learn everything you need to know about adequate protein intake. We'll also cover intermittent fasting - with so many protocols which approach is best for your body?
Workshop 4: Sunday 17th June - "Maintaining Momentum - Low Carb For Life" 
This final workshop is all about taking all the tools you've been given over the past 6-weeks and learning how to apply them to your life ongoing. Amazing prizes and awards are revealed on this final workshop.
Support and Accountability
You can expect an incredible level of support 24/7 during the 6-week period. Our Private Facebook Group offers participants the opportunity to stay on track from the word go and remain accountable every step of the way. Previous challenges have demonstrated the power of this incredible community that is formed within this group. In addition, the group is full of recipes, ideas, inspiration and tips.
This Program Is For You If:
You are ready to make better food choices and know that with the right support and information your life could be better
You have been following Low Carb/Ketogenic diet but need the support and guidance and a little shove in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for?
Place are strictly limited!
In order to keep the challenge personal and stay on top of questions and deliver a high level of support through the Private Facebook Group, we keep numbers strictly limited. We encourage you to sign up today to avoid missing out on this unique experience that we guarantee will set you up for life.
We are so confident that this program will work that we offer a money-back guarantee - if you follow our guidelines and are still not entirely satisfied with the results, we will give you a full refund*


This approach to eating is very high fat, I am worried about saturated fat clogging my arteries and giving me high cholesterol
The saturated fat-cholesterol hypothesis was first described by Dr Ancel Keys in the 1970s. This hypothesis has NEVER been proven to be correct despite hundreds of studies attempting to do just that. The belief however has been wrongly perpetuated through generations. What research has shown us is that saturated fat improves our cholesterol profile, is not associated with heart disease and possibly even reduces the risk of stroke. Saturated fat is often in food that is extremely nutritious and tasty and should be a regular part of our diet

I am a mum/dad and would prefer not to be making different dinners for various family members. Are recipes provided in this challenge suitable for my partner and kids?
The essence of what we recommend in the low carb challenge is the principle of 'Just Eat Real Food' or 'JERF'. When selecting real food i.e. food that is available to us in nature, our diet ultimately becomes lower in carbohydrate and higher in fat and protein. It is therefore 100% safe and highly recommended that your partner and kids eat this way too. Whilst family members may choose not to stick to all of our guidelines as strictly as you, meals suggested and recipes provided are certainly suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.

I understand the massive health and weight benefits of low carb but I love bread, rice and pasta. What do you recommend?
Did you know that the more carbohydrate we eat, the more we WANT to eat? Carbohydrate stimulates our appetite and perpetuates a need for more. I have had many people over the years in the same predicament, only to discover that their reliance on starchy carbs disappears or significantly diminishes over time. Whilst the initial week or two will be challenging, as you break this reliance, I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised at how little you miss these foods. 

I've heard having high levels of ketones in your blood is dangerous, isn't this what happens with a low carb diet?
Ketones are a natural by-product of fat breakdown and a source of fuel that our bodies thrive on. Nutritional ketosis is often confused with ketoacidosis. These two states are on completely different ends of a spectrum and exist in very different physiological states. Ketoacidosis can be life threatening and most commonly occurs in individuals with Type 1 Diabetes.Nutritional ketosis exists at much lower levels of ketones and the benefits have now been well documented and include things like weight loss, neurological benefits, enhanced athletic performance, as an adjunct to cancer treatment and control of epileptic seizures.

I am worried about nutritional deficiencies as I have heard that a low carb diet does not provide all required nutrients
A well-formulated ketogenic diet including a range of vegetables, proteins and fats froma variety of sources and the inclusion of some nuts and seeds has been shown time and time again to meet all nutritional requirements. The guidelines, recipes and quick reference guides provided in this challenge ensure that your low carb diet is well formulated and complete thereby meeting all nutrient requirements. A recent article assessing the nutrient intake of LCHF diet was published in the British Medical Journal (Jan 2018) and concluded 'Despite macronutrient proportions not aligning with the current national guidelines, a well-planned LCHF meal plan can b considered micronutrient replete'

I understand that the short-term results are fantastic but I'm worrid about being able to sustain this way of eating in the long term
Contrary to the belief that a low carb diet is not a sustainable lifestyle choice, studies have shown that once people give up sugars and grains they are very likely to do this for good! With LCHF eating resulting in better control of hunger and appetite, returning to low fat, appetite-stimulating, processed food becomes extremely undesirable

I thought the human brain requires glucose to function?If we aren't eating enough carbs isn't our mental capacity going to suffer?
Our brains can function effectively on both glucose (carbs) and ketones (a by-product of fat breakdown). In fact, there is argument that the human brain may even function better on ketones. This is evident in many people reporting clarity and heightened levels of concentration on a low carb diet. If glucose is required, our bodies can actually produce it from protein through a process called gluconeogenesis.
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What would it mean to you if you were lighter, healthier, stronger, fitter?
How could this change your life, the life of your kids and family?
What would be different?
What would be better?

This program is a platform to create that change.
Don't put it off any longer.
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